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The Four VPN Apps You Need For Android Phones!

Four VPN Apps

VPN or Virtual Private Networks are a security tool that allows users to surf the internet with the utmost safety. Let’s say you are at a café and connected to the web through a public Wi-Fi. The one fool-proof way to make your connection secure and private is to use a VPN app. In this post, we discover the top vpn for android that people can install for better protection. For more comprehensive options, you can get the Full List Here.

• Hideman VPN
One of the most commonly used VPN apps, the free version allows for 2GB data with a speed of 512kbit/s. The premium version is free of these limitations and gives more server choices. For free users, the log is deleted in two weeks while for paid subscribers there is a no-log policy. For this app, the paid version is recommended. If you need a free alternative, you would be better off with another app.

• Betternet
A decent VPN app, it has a no-log policy even for a free version, though the free version does show videos and sponsored apps as ads. The speed of the app is average, but the one-touch interface is highly user-friendly. Their policy to be transparent about how they earn money is an added advantage. There is a premium version, but it can get heavy on the pocket. More price ranges for different features would make it the best app in the market.

• ExpressVPN
When it comes to VPN apps, this is the most trusted brand. Not only is ExpressVPN extremely fast but also reliably safe. It boasts an SSL-secured network along with unlimited speed and bandwidth. Moreover, the app comes with 256-bit encryption and servers that span more than 90 countries and above 140 locations. It means no matter where you are in the world; there will be an ExpressVPN location to give you excellent and safe browsing experience. Moreover, the stealth server of ExpressVPN located in Hong Kong makes it seem that one is not even using a VPN!

• TunnelBear
Like the name, the VPN app is entirely adorable. It does the usual work of hiding the IP address and traffic of the user. The free version put a cap on 500MB data for a month, but there are two paid versions that offer unlimited data. The monthly version costs less than $10 and the yearly version around $60. The app also has a no-log policy along with shutting down all traffic when the connection is broken or interrupted. It ensures that no data leaks even by accident.

The list of VPN apps is long. Each has its pros and cons, and the choice should be made according to your necessities. But the end line remains the same – VPNs are popular because they are powerful tools. Their potential uses are not just limited to getting around firewalls. Using one will always keep your data on your android safe from prying eyes and ears!