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When Do You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

You get to know that there is something amiss with your teeth when you get a shooting pain that is unbearable. It is not easy to bear and how much ever you try to avoid, you will finally end up in the dentist’s chair. Toothaches are certainly the worst pain and that is the first sign that indicates the need for a root canal therapy. Root canal therapy, which is done by cosmetic dentist and other senior-level dentists, is a treatment that is performed on the decay of the dental pulp. There are telltale signs that can help you identify if there is a decay in the root canal. You can read the full list here about some signs you may need to undergo root canal treatment.

The pulp in your tooth has tissues, blood vessels and nerves. It is a softcore that connects the tooth to the jawbone. Decay in the pulp will affect the nerves causing excessive pain. The pulp can get infected, inflamed or sometimes become dead. This requires cleanup and that is called a root canal treatment. You must immediately visit your dentist when you have pain in your tooth as that is the first sign of a tooth or root canal decay. But, there are other symptoms based on the type of bacteria that has infected the tooth. Let us take a look at some of the common signs of a root canal decay that require root canal treatment.

A persistent and nagging pain in the jawline and tooth which will make you feel uncomfortable throughout is one of the common signs of decay. The pain can come and go or stay continuously. Any kind of gum issue or cavity can also cause pain. So, you need to get it checked with the dentist immediately if the problem persists. In case of decay in the root canal, the tooth becomes very sensitive. The affected tooth will experience a high level of sensitivity when you have hot and cold food or drinks. This can also cause chronic pain to shoot up from your jaws to your head and can stay for a long time.

It will become increasingly difficult to have food with the affected tooth as there is a sharp pain shoots up every time the tooth is touched. It is a sign of severe root canal decay and you must immediately get in touch with a dentist. A root canal can also cause the tooth to become loose. That is a signal where you need to immediately undergo root canal treatment to avoid further complications. The procedure might take two to three sessions based on the condition. It is not a painful procedure and you don’t experience any kind of pain. An experienced dentist and modern technology ensure that the procedure is smooth and the patient does not experience any pain. Awareness about the kind of issue you experience with your dental health will ensure you take the right step.