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Peeling off wallpaper with ease: Here is what you need to know.

Wallpapers are back with a bang! With the ease of sticking and removing, ‘removable’ wallpapers are now offering consumers a variety of coloured and textured products at affordable prices.

However, skepticism surrounding their applicability and removal still looms large. According to a Canada-based Wallpaper Removal Company, removable wallpapers are less destructive than their earlier versions, making removals far easier. These are also available in several aesthetic choices. Check out an exhaustive full list here.

Removable wallpaper installations and usage tips

Wallpaper has always been popular because of its affordability, pattern, texture, and colour choices. But doubts regarding their removal always put consumers in a tough spot. People are still afraid to bank on wallpapers fearing the mess it could leave behind after removal.

However, thanks to tons of innovations happening in the industry, removable wallpapers do not require any tools, chemical removers, or steamers to peel them off the wall. And most importantly, they do not leave any mess behind. To ensure an easy installation and removal of wallpapers, here are some helpful tips.

Read the instructions properly.

Wallpapers function differently for different brands. For instance, few wallpapers require primed, and satin finish paint for effective installations and removals. Gluing these to other surfaces may result in negative outcomes. You must read the instructions before using them to avoid mistakes.

Peel from the corners

Most of the wallpapers have shown hassle-free removals when peeled from the corners. Products such as Tempaper show amazing durability that extends for a few years. They do not mess with the walls during removal if peeled off from the corners.

Ask for samples from your providers.

Wallpaper suppliers usually have samples of the products they have. Ask your provider for a sample you wish to try on your wall. Paste it on a discrete corner of your wall and find how apt that product is for your wall. You can use the same sample paper for different rooms.

Impact of wallpaper on paint and texture of the wall

Despite removable wallpaper usually being damage-free, certain factors can cause unfortunate imperfections on walls. It is found that removable wallpapers negatively impact matte and flat paints if the product uses water-based adhesives. Sheen exteriors are best suited for most of these products.

Avoid sticking removable wallpapers on freshly painted and heavily textured walls.

It is important to let the fresh paint cure before wallpapers are glued to it. Moisture tends to get trapped in the coats and causes peeling of walls when wallpapers are removed. Removing wallpaper can also be complicated by heavy or large textured walls, which can trap air behind the paper.

Ensure that the surfaces are cleaned with a damp cloth before the wallpaper installations. Let it dry completely before installation. A 1:1 solution of Isopropyl alcohol and water can improve adhesion on surfaces painted with low VOC paints. Removable wallpapers are extremely user-friendly and are the most reliable DIY options for decor enthusiasts.

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